Welcome to my site, Primal Truth.

I’ve always been fascinated by finding out and understanding “the Truth.”
What does that mean exactly?
Well it means finding answers to those really big questions that many of us often feel need answering, as we hit our early teens, or indeed, at any time in our life.

This is an online forum and platform to share my thoughts and knowledge in answering all those big questions, like “Why are we here?”.
“Where do we come from?” and “What is the Nature of Reality?”

I discuss techniques to learn more about the nature of Reality. Meditation, out of body experiences, and the incredible findings of Quantum Physics.
And together through our cumulative Human experiences in Reality, perhaps we can begin to understand just where we stand in the Universe.
What we are a part of, and we can begin to form an accurate picture of Reality. This would be the Truth.
A picture of reality, where false dogmatic, blind beliefs do not exist. Instead it is a picture of reality based on evidence, subjective and objective.

Welcome to the Primal Truth.