As Science delves into the world of the small in an attempt to understand the fundamental building blocks of our Reality and Universe.
It finds the rules that we are so familiar with at our “Level” (The world of large objects) BREAKS DOWN COMPLETELY at the minuscule levels of Reality.

It is and was a complete surprise to Scientists. It turns out that the fundamental building blocks of our Reality and Universe are COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL AND UNPREDICTABLE. They did a simple experiment called “The Double Slit Experiment” in an attempt to understand the nature of light/photons.




Now, if you weren’t aware of the Double slit experiment and its implications, you are probably having your beliefs about the nature of Reality completely shattered. If your not, then you dont fully understand and appreciate the implications of what the experiment proposes.
You are therefore a selector of Probabilities from an infinite sea of Possibilities, that you create.

There are important facts we need to be aware of at this point.
1. Science does not have answers to very fundamental questions such as:
2. What are the essential fundamental building blocks of Reality? and
3. How is a seemingly solid physical World created from seemingly massless and largely “empty” atoms and particles?
4. How do these strangely behaving and unpredictable building blocks of matter form a seemingly coherent and predictable World?
5. What the is Dark Matter and Energy? It composes 90% of all space and matter in the Universe, yet we dont know what the hell it is.

These are facts about our Human understanding about the Universe.
Translated another way they mean that.

1. We DO NOT know how we came about nor how ANY physical thing exists in and of itself.
2. We DO NOT know how a physical reality is formed.
3. We cannot explain the strange behaviour of these tiny particles without expanding our picture of Reality to accomodate parallel multi-verses.
4. We dont know shit.
5. We dont understand anything about HOW IT ALL IS, AND CAME TO BE.

With that in mind, how can any sceptic come to dismiss seemingly “strange” sources of information which is frequently offered to the human race.
Our 5 physical senses perceive but a paper thin slice of all information and data that exists in any point in space that we find ourselves to be.
We cannot see the radio waves/x rays/ gamma rays, television signal waves, wifi signals ALL around us.
We cannot see the infra red frequency, nor the ultra violet stream of information, nor the micro waves.
We can only perceive a very thin band of data called “Visible Light”. Visible to us that is.
The same goes for our sense of sound, and touch.

The Electromagnetic spectrum

The Electromagnetic spectrum


Our senses allow us to perceive only a very thin, and focused dimension of activity. With this in mind… It is not a preposterous idea to realise that there is MUCH we are not currently able to perceive occurring in the very same space we occupy.






We need to remember, what the building blocks of Reality are.
Here is an excellent introduction to the Atom. Bear in Mind, the Atom is NOT the tiniest most indivisible building block of it all.
It is a larger construct of even tinier living things that our instruments cannot even detect.
But of what we can detect, this is what SCIENCE is saying about it.


I will go into the more intricate descriptions of the workings, and structure of the Universe as Seth describes it at a later date, where he covers truly fascinating material on the very fundamental building blocks and fabric of reality.


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