As a young man trying to understand it all, and newly embarked on my quest to find the Truth.
All religious and spiritual text books I read, referred to this activity known as “Meditation”…


So being scientifically minded, I said to myself, “hey I need to give it a try before I dismiss it as hokey pokey psychobabble.”

So in the silence of the night, every night.. I sat down on the carpet in my little room and tried to meditate, by paying attention to my breath as it flowed into and out of my nose.
In the beginning I found it extremely hard to maintain attention solely on the breath.
Thoughts would flood my mind, unaccustomed to being still and solely focusing on a single point.
Gradually, bit by bit, with much diligence and discipline and burning desire to find Truth, my concentration improved.
With quite astounding results…


Dont dismiss it until you give it a serious attempt, is what I tell any sceptics.

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve many aspects of a Human Being, from mental well being to lifting depression, to verifiable health improvements, to improving memory, concentration, ones ability to memorise and study things to ones overall feeling of well being.

There is little doubt now that the benefits of Meditation are innumerable.

But there is even more to Meditation.


I’ll go into my Mediation experiences one day, and study them openly in an attempt to understand the bigger picture of Reality.
What exactly is going on within the body and consciousness during Meditation?
Why is it we experience the sensations we do during Meditation?
Where does the influx of incredible Energy often experience during deep meditation come from?
What does it all mean?

There are many more questions that Meditation can bring, as well as answer.

I strongly believe that by studying our cumulative subjective experiences in Meditation and looking at our objective findings in Science about the Nature of Reality (Quantum Physics) we can begin to build a picture and theory on the Nature of Reality that makes sense.

I post some of my experiences and insights into the phenomena of Meditation and its hints at the greater and expansive possibilities of Human Consciousness here.


Of all the videos I’ve watched
this is an Excellent Summary of Meditation and its effects.

How to Meditate

Full Video

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