Out of Body Experiences


Taking up a regular disciplined practice of meditation will lead to you to discover and unravel the miraculous latent abilities that all Humans possess.

We hold within us the capability to do what anyone I think would consider, truly MIRACULOUS things.

The ability to leave ones physical form, and go beyond it, into other dimensions and worlds.

I know it sounds incredibly far-fetched to a Materialist.

But I would say to any hardcore materialist. Sit down, close off your senses, and dedicate some time to a regular and disciplined meditation practice.

And very soon you will discover for yourself, that there is far, far more to the little itty bitty human being than meets the eye…

We hold within us IMMENSE Powers.

Yet the vast majority of Humanity is fast asleep and does not realize nor utilize these magnificent abilities.

Out of body experience






















When you meditate you will begin to notice several things that I’ve mentioned in my stages article.

I will elaborate more here on stage 4. The feelings of expansion and a second body.
Sensations of having another non-physical body, other than the physical one you can see and are familiar with.

When your attention is highly focused in meditation, your second non-physical energy body will begin to vibrate at first subtly, the vibration may be centred around where you are focusing your attention.
So if it’s between your eyes, then that point will vibrate subtly at first and then intensely.
And what begins to occur is that this non-physical form begins to vibrate. You are “exciting” it in a sense by the mere act of focusing one’s attention to a single point.
As it vibrates, it comes OUT OF SYNC with your physical form.
This is key.

At this point, in this stage of your meditations, you may feel very very ODD!
For those not familiar with these strange sensations.
You may feel the odd sensation of your head looking to your left, yet your physical head is facing forward…
Or you may feel as if you suddenly have three limbs, one non-physical limb has become out of sync with a physical limb and has floated off to one side.  The sensation is palpable!
The same sensation may be felt with your legs.
It is truly a mind-boggling experience when you first encounter this.

Science has much catching up to do.
A true scientist is one that can also the explore the unknown and the latent abilities that lie within us, considering the evidence one encounters when one begins to explore within.

When surgeons remove a limb of a patient for whatever reason. These patients go on to report the sensation of what is known as the phantom limb sensation.
This “phantom limb” is non-other than the non-physical counterpart of the physical limb. Science hasn’t got a clue on this matter.



ghost limb sensation

ghost limb sensation


Is our little feline friend completely and utterly deluded?
No… he is only sincere and true to what he feels, and what he feels is that his paw and limb is still there.. because it is, only the non-physical counterpart remains, while the denser physical part has gone.




As you practice a regular discipline of meditation, you will become more and more proficient at the manipulation of your Consciousness and energy.

NORMAL HUMAN STATE = Attention focused OUTWARD, amongst a myriad of things.
FOCUSED INWARD TO SINGULAR POINT = Results in the non-physical form vibrating and becoming out of sync with the physical form.
In this state, it then becomes possible for Human Consciousness to do truly extraordinary things. Leave its physical home station, travel inwards, outwards and beyond.

We need not develop any sophisticated technologies to visit other Worlds.

I have had so many experiences that hint at the great possibilities and dimensions that lie beyond.


One day while deep in meditation, my consciousness highly focused, suddenly a LOUD BUZZING BEE rams into my left ear.
I was shaken, stuck my finger in my left ear… no bee…. what the hell was that?
What I think it was, was that I was about to enter the next level.
A highly energised level where I may have been able to leave my physical body in a pure energy form.
Others have reported similar experiences where this happens. Yet I was so stunned by what just happened that I could not maintain focus anymore.


One day, I am in my living room at the computer.
And I FEEL as if the boundary between dimensions is thin.
There is a palpable electric, highly energetic feeling in the air.
I feel a powerful urge to sit and meditate.
So I sit and meditate…
As my concentration grows, I literally feel the air and atmosphere around me begin to cackle with a kind of static energy.
As if there is a build-up of electrical “static” energy around me as if a dimensional portal is about to open up and the boundaries between dimensions for some reason is thin, about to be ripped apart.
I am so amazed by what I am feeling and hearing that again I cannot maintain my attention to dive deeper… and surrender in awe, not fully understanding just what the hell… is going on.


Another time, again sat in meditation with a highly focused attention.
Suddenly I feel as if my head has expanded!
The usual limitations and boundary of the skin, accepted and expected to be the boundary of Consciousness, has suddenly expanded…
What the hell is going on!?! Absolutely incredible…
Consciousness can literally expand beyond the boundary of the skin…
I was SO AMAZED and excited by what I was experiencing that I couldn’t maintain my focus any longer!


There are countless other occasions of experiencing the ghost limb separating phenomena during meditation.
All this evidence points towards the incredible possibility and reality of Human Beings possessing the miraculous ability to disconnect its non-physical energy form from its denser “physical” energy form.
A body within a body within a body. One can learn to disengage one from the other, merely by focusing one’s attention, clearing thoughts and being still…

It is very much like.. taking a magnifying glass, focusing the light of the sun onto the underside of a pot filled with water.
This highly intense and focused powerful energy then heats the water. The water boils, the atoms vibrating, leaving its physical form and turning into a gas…

We focus our Consciousness, this act of highly focused energy “excites” the non-physical form causing it to vibrate and separate from the physical body.

This analogy with perfectly natural phenomena that we are all very much acquainted with is clear.



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My very first attempt at an out of body experience resulted in incredible success.
I was 18 years old and had just read about the method where you go to sleep, wake up 5 hours later, and do something for 30 minutes, then go back to sleep.

I did this.
When I went back to sleep, I was knocked out.
Suddenly I find myself floating, in a pure energetic form. Radiant light emanating from me.
My vision is clouded with this light emanating from my form.

I am completely paralysed, yet light as a feather, floating….
The feeling of being completely and utterly weightless is incredible.
I try to will myself to move, either higher or lower, I move oh so slightly.
No luck.

I’m out of my body, I am pure energy and this energy is ROARING!
Loud electromagnetic electrical energetic sounds are raging around me, particularly for some reason louder to the left of me.

In awe of this incredible state.
The experience ends as abruptly as it began.

My only intense, clear, vivid and highly lucid memory is that of finding myself floating out of body, with no memory of how it ends.


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We hold incredible abilities that lie latent within us…
Explore them, learn to use them, master yourself.
And in doing so you further the reaches and possibilities of Humanity.

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