Seeker Questions


“I’ve been meditating for 2 years approximately now and for a very little long time I appear to have reach the One Energy. The first time the energy was so intense, my body was not able to hold in there more than a few seconds. I realized then that our body is not wired for this intensity. It’s been now more than 6 months maybe that I am limited in my meditation because of the excitement, joy and energy is too intense. What do you advise? ”




As an adult, there are some prerequisites one can develop to help facillitate connecting to Source.

  1. Purify the self – Clear the mind of all noise and limiting beliefs.
  2. Have integrity – Be honest and always speak the Truth.
  3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle of excercise and healthy eating.
  4. Adopt a deep and sincere humility and appreciation to and for all things recognising the divinity in everything.
  5. At first possess a deep strong & desire to connect to the Source, and then Drop ALL expectations. And submit yourself to the Greater powers that brought you here.


The fifth point is paradoxically the most important. However, it is never you that dictactes wether you connect to the divine. It is always the Divine that chooses to connect to you. And when you are sufficiently devoid of a sense of ego, and submit, humble and pure of spirit. Then the Divine enters.

The more you practice and meditate to clear your spiritual veins/ Nadis, the greater the quantity of energy that can be recieved and physically tolerated by the body.

Imagine your Nadis as network cables. Old telephone cables of 70 years ago could only handle a certain amount of data and bandwidth. likewise an undeveloped consciousness possess nadis that are clogged with the noise of untamed thoughts. As we advance, we upgrade our cables to being capable of handling greater data and bandwidth.
In the same way, when you meditate, your Nadis will automatically be purified, grow and expand, as a result of one pointed concentration excercises. This will then allow greater energy to flow through your spiritual channels.

Thoughts, limiting beliefs, noise in the mind all hinder the perception and reception of the divines infinite Energy. Only by gradually familiarising yourself with the intensities of energy encountered can you over time acclimatise yourself to the immensities. It takes time, like anything, practice, discipline and dedication. along with the 5 prerequisites mentioned above. With practice and familiarity you will become more used to the powerful energy encountered and will be able to handle more of it consciously the deeper you go within.

Above and beyond all thats been said, it is the Divine that dictates and permits deeper connection. By the grace of the divine, he lets you in to his immensity.


















































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